Live Solar Maine  - The collaborative design team of Emily Mottram & Patrice Cappelletti.

Live Solar Maine - The collaborative design team of Emily Mottram & Patrice Cappelletti.

As a team we are passionate about our innovative home building process. Our goal is to achieve high quality, energy efficiency and style.


Net zero builds should be optimized to use passive solar heat gain and proper shading. This combined with super insulated walls will stabilize temperature variations throughout the day. When we design a home we site it for optimum solar gain.

Live Solar Maine

Site Layout

Live Solar Maine homes are specifically designed to reduce the overall energy required for operation. the structures are tight and super insulated and our houses are oriented for optimum solar exposure.

Live Solar Maine


Home performance includes a range of design variables such as: window/door selection & placement, overhang depth, insulation type & r-values of walls, roof type, air tightness, heating efficiency…

Live Solar Maine

Energy Saving Design

Our net zero homes are built with significant energy-saving features and efficiencies. We use high-efficiency appliances, added insulation, high-efficiency windows & natural ventilation.

What is Net Zero?

Live Solar Maine
  • Net Zero Simply Means That A Home Produces As Much Energy As It Consumes On An Annual Basis

  • Net Zero Homes Are Extremely Energy Efficient, And Designed To Produce All Of The Energy Needed By The Home Through Renewable Energy Systems.

  • Net Zero Homes Generally Do Not Increase The Amount Of Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere, But They Do At Times Consume Energy From The Grid.

  • The Net Zero Principle Is Viewed As A Means To Reduce Carbon Emissions And Reduce Dependence On Non-Renewable Energy.

  • There Is No Better Feeling Knowing That Your Home Is Not Dependent On The Ever Changing, Increasingly Expensive Gas, Oil And Electric Markets.



Patrice has 20 plus years’ experience as an entrepreneur in Maine, most recently working in real estate and development. She is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, with a B.S. in Textiles, Merchandising & Design. Her love for construction began while developing a 5 lot subdivision of luxury ski homes in the mountains of western Maine.  After working with “typical” builders, she felt the industry was in need of a more creative, soulful eco-friendly process for building homes.

With a passion for the outdoors, naturally, Patrice gravitated towards the building net-zero homes in harmony with the elements here in Maine.  After years of research and building relationships within the industry, Patrice built her own net-zero home. She has become proficient in managing the process of building highly functional, thoughtfully designed, creative net-zero homes. Her passion for green building is unprecedented, and she hopes she can share that passion throughout your personal home building experience.


Emily Motramm - Architect

Mottram Architecture specializes in energy efficient residential design or renovation. We design for cold climate building, but we think the impact of housing everywhere in the country is important and we strive to provide our clients with the best information available!

We practice integrated design and look at everything from water consumption, energy consumption, building envelope, orientation, and function.  Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should require less effort to operate and maintain. Our design philosophy is simple, attractive, and durable homes that use space efficiently. We are not hung up on the square footage of a home, but are more interested in how you live and how your home can best meet your needs.

Mottram Architecture - Net Zero Home Design Services - Maine