our homes are thoughtfully designed to meet the comforting needs of today while conserving for future generations to follow.

the space we live in can transform our moods, enhance our comfort and improve our productivity. our homes are carefully crafted with high aesthetic appeal and are unpolluted inside and out. they are models of our values, they reflect individual style and they meet our needs in ways that a traditional house cannot. our homes are engineered for earth’s preservation and are meticulously designed for the physical, social and emotional well-being of our dwellers. carefully considered layouts maximize usability and minimize impact while optimizing sun-light, energy, and air quality and overall efficiency.

homes are a sacred space, where spirit and matter connect.

we are focused on designing unique homes that are environmentally and style conscience. our homes serve as models for healthy, inspired, soulful living. it is our desire for individuals to live in harmony with our environment and for our homes to have a symbiotic relationship with earth’s nearest star…the sun! our homes promote the innate desire to connect with nature, providing stylish sustainability without sacrifice, encouraging renewal and regeneration inside and out. we are all part of an amazing and inspiring world: our homes and communities promote its preservation and reverence.

we are passionate about our innovative home building process, to achieve efficient energy harmony, net zero design departs significantly from conventional construction practice.

net zero builds should be optimized to use passive solar heat gain and shading, combined with thermal mass to stabilize temperature variations throughout the day, and in most climates are super insulated. when we design a home we design it for optimum solar gain, and take all of these variables into consideration. our homes are constructed with the highest level of precision and detail, including r-40 walls and r-60 roof assembly.

site layout

these homes are specifically designed to reduce the overall energy required for operation. the structures are tight and super insulated and our houses are oriented for optimum solar exposure.

performance features

home performance also includes a range of design variables such as window/door selection and placement, overhang depth, insulation type and r-values of walls and roof, air tightness, the efficiency of heating, cooling, lighting and other equipment.

energy saving features

our net zero homes are built with significant energy-saving features and efficiencies. energy consumption is lowered by using high-efficiency appliances, added insulation, high-efficiency windows, natural ventilation, and other energy saving techniques.

What is Net Zero?

net zero simply means that a home produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

net zero homes are extremely energy efficient, and designed to produce all of the energy needed by the home through renewable energy systems.

net zero homes generally do not increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but they do at times consume energy from the grid.

the net zero principle is viewed as a means to reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependence on non-renewable energy.

there is no better feeling knowing that your home is not dependent on the ever changing, increasingly expensive gas, oil and electric markets.